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All living creatures have an energetic body that accompanies their physical one. When energy is blocked, imbalances may occur in your emotional, mental and spiritual layers. Healing modalities can mitigate and heal these interruptions in energy flow. All techniques are vibrational; therefore they work on the subtle systems that surround the body.

Summary of Services

Spirit-Spirit Communication

  • Rose Reading
  • 2 Past lives
  • 7 layers of your aura

Animal Communication

  • Clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient Messages
  • Briding the gap between people and their pets
  • Information gathering regarding health, behavior and rescue issues
  • Death and dying consults

Meridian Energy Series

  • Soul-Soul contact
  • Energetic assessments
  • Serives of 9 treatments
  • Pendulum dowsing


  • Connecting to people and pets in spirit
  • Evidence based readings
  • Validation for their messages to loved ones

Healing Touch for Animals

  • Remote or in person
  • Pendulum assessment
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Hara Alignment
  • Behavioural techniques


  • Remote or in person
  • Vibrational healing
  • Works in alignment with other modalities

Other Services

  • Custom Blended aromatherapy (pendulum dowsing)
  • Custom Blended flower/crystal essences (pendulum dowsing)
  • Lost Animal Tracking
  • Death and Dying Consults

All of the services that I offer provide unique opportunities to access the unseen spirit world, where miracles happen.

Known as the quantum field, this is where Divine energy resides. Within this realm of infinite consciousness lies an energetic connection that happens betweens and among us, whether it is human, or animal.

I use a myriad of tools such as mediumship, dowsing, telepathic, clairvoyant and clairaudient techniques to intuit information from the spirit realm. Although they may seem different, in fact they are all interrelated. Customized packages are available depending on your needs.