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Spirit-Spirit Communication

Ellen received her Spiritual Counselor accreditation from the Wisdom Tree School in Evergreen, CO in 2010. She studied with psychic Mia Foley for 7 years, completing the undergraduate, graduate, 1-1 deep trance and house clearing programs. She participated in weekly events offered to the public, and began to develop her own clientele using psychic skills. In the spirit-spirit readings, Ellen will work with special tools to access your energy in present time, two past lives, and the seven layers of your aura and their individual, energetic insights. This type of spiritual communications accesses your soul information, creating messages for this lifetime, increasing your awareness, and helping you reach a deeper understanding of who you are, and why you are here.

In 2014-2015, Ellen studied mediumship in Santa Fe, NM. She completed both the beginner and advanced training, adding new tools to her growing skill set. In addition to communicating with animals in life and beyond, Ellen is able to reach loved ones who have crossed over, receiving their messages for family and friends.

Death and Dying Consultations

Animals often know when they are terminally ill or approaching the end of their lives. They embrace the death process with courage and strength. Ellen has worked with numerous animals who have communicated that they are preparing to die, or when they would like to be euthanized. This is often a process that can take several months, during which Ellen is in frequent contact with the animals. She checks in at least once or twice weekly, then daily as the animal requests. This process is invaluable to the owners, who are able to comfort their beloved companions and prepare themselves to say goodbye. Please read China’s story in the testimonial section.

Lost Animal Assistance and Recovery

Ellen has expanded her communication skills to tracking lost animals. She has successfully helped owners find their dogs and cats by communicating with them while they are lost and obtaining details of their whereabouts. Although they may be very frightened, Ellen sends loving messages and encouragement to them, asking them to go home when possible.

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HorseHealing Touch for Animals™ uses hands-on methods to help animals relax, reduce stress, recover from physical injuries, or solve emotional traumas and imbalances. Using a pendulum, Ellen selects appropriate energetic techniques depending on the intake she gathers from the owner and from the animal.

The client’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues are identified. A chakra assessment is done using a pendulum, followed by a selected energetic “plan.” Typically the plan includes seven or eight techniques. For long distance work, the same methods are applied. Ellen works on a surrogate such as a stuffed animal. The long distance treatments are just as effective as those performed in an animal’s own environment, because intention is critical to directing healing energy.

Ellen is a Certified Healing Touch for Animals ™ Practitioner (HTACP), which means she completed Levels 1-4, plus an in-depth Certification Program to enhance her healing skills. This evolved from 2001-2006.

MeridianMeridian is a powerful long-distance energy modality. Meridian is based upon the science of quantum physics: energy follows thought. Since our thoughts are one of the fastest ways to send messages, the energy that parallels these thoughts can be guided toward optimum health.

A Meridian energy treatment begins with the collection of a hair sample from the client. The hair represents a contract between Ellen and the client’s higher or unconscious self. This agreement sets the energetic intention for healing, thus opening the pathway for an energetic exchange.

The hair sample is placed on a master chart for analysis. Using a meditative process and radiesthesia, Ellen measures the extent to which the energetic values of the client deviate from normal. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances are identified and recorded.

Once these values are established, Ellen determines which energetic thought patterns are required to balance the individual. Written cards containing energetic messages are placed under the hair sample. Via a meditative process and intention, the messages contained in these cards are energetically sent to the client. In other words, the energetic imprint of the cards will go to where their healing is needed.

Sometimes an oral remedy is prepared, which is a small bottle of purified water that is energetically charged by placing it on top of the hair/cards stack. The water will draw the messages from the cards into its own energy and can be used in the healing plan. Ellen’s clients have referred to this water as “Holy” because it has enormous healing properties.
Ellen completed the Meridian Practitioner Program in 2005.

Reiki means “universal life energy.” It uses ancient hand symbols to activate the client’s own energy patterns and help restore balance. The Reiki symbols are used alone or in combination with other healing modalities for a complete balancing protocol. They are very useful to initiate the healing process and also to seal in the energy upon completion of the work. A full Reiki treatment involves client intake, placement of hands-on methods and techniques for clearing and cleansing. A chakra assessment is performed pre and post treatment. Ellen completed her Reiki training with her Reiki Master in 2006.

Communication between animals and humans may be performed in three ways: clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentience (feeling) and clairaudience (hearing). Ellen discovered that she could feel animals’ feelings, receive their pictures of messages and hear their messages while doing energy work. Thus, the intuitive piece of Ellen’s work arrived magically on its own. This led her to study and apprentice with master communicators to deepen her understanding of interspecies communication. Ellen can simply communicate with your pets, or combine an animal “chat” with an energy treatment. Combining energy and communication enables a profound healing to take place and deepens the relationship between people and their pets.

For long distance “chats,” Ellen works from a picture. She prepares for the communication session via a meditative process and uses crystals for clarity and perception. She records all communications, and will work with your specific questions and issues. A follow-up phone consultation with the owner is included in the session. Click here to view a sample of questions Ellen asks. (Adobe PDF)

AdditionalThe ancient art of aromatherapy was well known among Egyptian and Greek cultures for its power in healing and beauty. Plant essences from trees, flowers, roots and seeds are extracted by steam distillation, producing strong and powerful oils that have healing capabilities. The oils transmit their healing properties through their intense fragrance.

The healing powers of essential oils work on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, which makes them ideal for energy work. Because the oils also affect the chakras, they can be used in various ways to enhance healing. They can be blended into massage oil, placed in a diffuser in the home, or simply used on an animal’s bedding. For people, essential oil blends can be customized for individual needs including arthritis, digestive problems, headaches, and pain. Customized blends are available for you and your pets upon request.

The thirty-eight Bach Flower remedies were created by British physician Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s. After searching for answers to physical and emotional issues that could not be cured by conventional medicines, Dr. Bach immersed himself in the study of local plants and flowers. He discovered he could infuse their energies by soaking the plant blossoms in water and exposing this water to sunshine. When he tested the remedies on himself and others, he found that the remedies did alleviate certain negative states of mind, such as depression, fear, anger, jealousy, intolerance and impatience.

Bach Flower remedies are energetic; they are not herbal medicines. They work on the non-visible level and cannot harm the physical self. They are made from nature’s purest sources, and will not interact with conventional medicines. They supplement energy healing techniques because they help resolve the emotional and mental issues which contribute to physical disease and imbalance. Therefore, they support the healing process from the inside out.

CrystalCrystals and gemstones are alive with energy, just like the earth from where they originate. Their molecular structures are very stable and strong, providing unique energies that often correspond with their colors and shapes. Crystals have been used by shamans and healers for centuries in ancient cultures and traditions.

Crystals are believed to have the power to protect, strengthen, soothe and uplift the recipients of their energy. Crystals have energy similar to an electrical current that can be transmitted in energy healing using intention to direct where the crystal energy needs to go. Thus, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual issues in body will respond to the vibrations given off by the crystal.

There are several ways crystals assist in the healing process. A crystal layout may be placed around the individual. Six to eight crystals are placed near and around the body to help with illness, emotional issues or trauma. A healing crystal may be worn around the neck, or carried in a pouch on a person’s presence. Crystal essences may be added to Bach Flower remedies, or taken orally for added support. In the Meridian healing system, crystal essence cards may be selected as part of the treatment plan. In all of these uses, the crystal or crystal essences deepen the healing modes by restoring balance to the chakra system.

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