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Animal Reading Testimonials

Nell's family lost their home, surrendering her to the local shelter. Confused and terrified, she was unapproachable, aggressively showing her teeth when approached. Knowing that she would never be adopted from the shelter, the staff contacted us and we agreed to foster her. The night she arrived from the shelter, Nell refused to leave the dog carrier. Once we managed to get her out of the carrier she bolted out the back door into our fenced yard and hid under the deck until my husband crawled under the deck and lead her out. We renamed Nell Dexie and in 48 hours began to see the loving family pet that she was. Dexie had been with us for three weeks, in that time she developed a deep attachment to my husband. We were looking for a loving permanent home for her and had been approached by a woman looking for dog as her dog had passed away several months ago. Several days later my husband was admitted to the hospital with a staph infection in his ankle that had spread up his leg. The potential adopter contacted me and said that she was interested in adopting Dexie and would like to spend the day with her. I met her on my way to the hospital and gave her Dexie harnessed, leashed and with specific instructions not to take her off leash. I also told her Dexie is nervous and anxious with strangers and a flight risk. Four and a half hours later I received a text from the potential adopter asking me to call her. Unleashed or harnessed, Dexie escaped from the car and bolted. The potential adopter chased her on foot and by car until she lost sight of her in town. Believing that she would be able to recover Dexie, she waited 3 and a half hours before alerting me. As soon as she called me I left the hospital to search for Dexie. I searched for Dexie where she was last seen, a dumpster filled alley near the center of old town. I followed Dexie's path from where she jumped out of the car to where she was last spotted on foot and in the car a dozen times. I was certain that if she heard me calling and whistling for her she would come. Soon it was dark and I realized that I had to give up the search for the evening.

I started looking for Dexie at first light the next day starting again in the neighborhood where she disappeared with no success. No one had even seen her since the night before. I spent most of the day walking the area and expanding the search outward. I was convinced that if Dexie heard me she would come. Snow and temperatures in the 20's were predicted for overnight and the following day. Dexie still had not been spotted and it was more than 24 hours since her disappearance. I was despondent and desperate when my friend suggested contacting Ellen. I was dubious about the results but willing to try anything. We texted several pictures of Dexie, along with the brief summary of her escape. Several hours later I was about to give up searching when my friend called to share Ellen's communication with Dexi. Within minutes of receiving the pictures, Ellen received a "psychic transmission" in the form of a picture, showing a church and graveyard. Ellen asked for confirmation of the location in Eagle, CO. Ellen also heard Dexie tell her that she preferred to be called Nell, and did not want to go back to the potential adopter. Ellen asked Nell to reveal herself so someone could see her. Ellen promised Nell that she'd be visiting her person (my husband) in the hospital that afternoon once she was found. Ellen shared tools with the people searching for heart-heart connection with Nell, hoping to send Nell unconditional love and boost her confidence to come out of hiding. When I took the information I was in a parking lot across from the Lutheran church, a low brown stucco building. There was a foot path lead to cemetery but to access the cemetery by car I would have to drive through town. I rushed over to the church but no Dexie. I then drove to the top of the hillside cemetery and started to walk down. I was not sure what to expect but kept walking down the cemetery road until it intersected with the town road. I had driven by this area at least a dozen times and walked it on foot half a dozen times as it was close to her last verified sighting. When I reached the road I once again felt disappointment and despair. I called her name, Nell one last time. Suddenly I heard a man"s voice "Are you looking for a little black dog, I just saw one over there but it wouldn't let me get close". There she was huddled in the corner of a shed between a garage and an abandoned building. It took me calling her name several times before she finally came running to me. When I picked her up she licked the tears of relief on my face and started to whimper with relief. How Ellen was so specific is beyond comprehension of my rational mind. When I started this unwilling adventure I had a belief system that wasn't inclusive of "animal communication" but there is no way I can discredit what happened. We are so grateful.

My cat, Pearl, escaped through a window from my house. I had no idea where she went and I was terrified for her safety. Through a friend, I learned of Ellen and when talking with Ellen, she described Pearl's fear of outdoors but said Pearl was afraid to come home. For five days I had no idea where Pearl was but when Ellen messaged me, saying she saw a ground level broken window and a covered patio with a railing, I walked the neighborhood looking for those. I found only one covered patio two houses away from me. A vacant lot, facing a busy street, was behind and east of the house with the covered patio. That is where I found Pearl! It took me two more days to catch her, but I did catch her! Also, to my amazement, my next door neighbors had a broken window in their garage located on the lot next to where Pearl was hiding ....although not at ground level...... which was not visible to me. Ellen's clues about Pearl's location are what helped me get her back. I'm very grateful to Ellen for her help!


I first heard about using flower essences for animals listening to a video by a Holistic Vet in Spain. She had used them to great effect for both cats and dogs in her practice so I immediately thought they might work for one of our dogs, a poodle named Chester.

We adopted Chester when he was perhaps two or three years old. He had been abandoned by his previous owners, so even with the passage of several years, he could not tolerate being alone. Also, being very attached to my wife Irene, he would whine and bark incessantly whenever she would leave the house even if I was still at home.

My entire day was always punctuated by constantly having to deal with Chester's incessant barking and whining, even if Irene would just step outside for a few minutes. To say the least this was a major test of my patience! So, after seeing the video I began searching for someone that could prepare an essence that would help Chester. I live in Costa Rica and nobody works with essences locally so did a search online for help in the US as easier to ship than from Europe.

I found Ellen’s website and wrote asking if she could help. She was very confident that the essences would work for him and it was no issue making up a formula at a distance. I have experienced distance healing in the past so I knew this to be true.

But after having lived with Chester’s behavior for so long, I was not 100% confident that the essences would work. I was hopeful of course but prepared for the worse. How wrong I was! In less than a week we began to see a marked change in his behavior. Most noticeably the day would go by and rather than having to deal with Chester 20 times, it was only once or twice at the most.

The biggest test came when Irene and I had to go shopping, leaving him alone in the house for a few hours. My mother in law lives next door so normally she picks him up and take him home. What a shock it was when, as we began to drive away, not a bark was heard!

We have only used about ¼ of the bottle of essence, and am amazed at how quickly it had an effect. The final comment I want to make, is that it’s not only his behavior and increased calmness that is apparent. In addition, there has been a subtle transformation in his ENERGY. People who know Chester remark that he’s a different dog than what he was a few weeks ago!

In conclusion, whatever doubts I had about the efficacy of flower essences as a powerful and effective healing modality for animals were completely dispelled after working with the mix prepared by Ellen. She customized this blend for Chester by using dowsing tools, asking his higher self which ones he needed. Highly recommended!!

Peter in CR

My husband and I are experienced cat rescuers and help others with new cat integration tips and advice. When we were unable to help soothe a resident cat’s growing aggression to a shy, older feral rescue kitty (slowly integrated), we didn’t know where to turn. A friend shared her experience with Ellen’s interspecies communication, and we reached out to have Ellen chat with Sheldon and Chumley. The problem was so simple: Chum had accidentally moved into Sheldon’s favorite spot. Ellen mediated a truce. THAT NIGHT Chumley moved to a new spot: one that none of our seven other cats had ever used. Ellen truly has a gift. That was five years ago. I have since come to depend on Ellen for so many things: finding a cat lost in a snowstorm; making sure ferals from the TNR colony on walkabout are alive (they’ve all come back as she told me they would after checking in with each to find out where they were and what they were doing!); easing the stress of a relocation (and more rescue cat introductions) with custom essences; energy work on my cat undergoing chemotherapy for large cell lymphoma (and perhaps her energy work had a hand in what is now his fourth year in remission!); holding my hand through the process of Sheldon’s crossing (the first pet after 13 years to whom we had to say good bye) and talking to him after he shed his body. Ellen doesn’t just have a gift, she IS a gift.

Hugs Ellen!


Laurie D. Goldstein, C.F.A.
Feline Assistance Network

We recently lost our "patriarch" kitty suddenly from liver cancer. He was the glue that held it together with the other five cat's that we live and share our life with. Pipsqueak was the guardian and protector of our only female cat, Perla, from her bully, Wendall. For four years we have been dealing with episodes but Pipsqueak would always intervene and keep the peace. Now that Pip is gone, the bullying episodes have became exponentially worse and Wendall was going after her a few times per day. We could no longer go on this way. Grieving Pip and now dealing with multiple screeches, hisses, growls and screams from poor Perla. I knew I needed Ellen once again.

Ellen communicated with both Perla and Wendall, who were both willing 16 days ago. She was able to pull some very important information from both of them and this allowed me to understand and cope with the dissension and issues between them. Well, Wendall certainly has held up with his agreement with Ellen and went even beyond the seven day/nights with absolutely no advances on dear sweet Perla. Perla has also turned a corner and is absolutely much more tolerant of Wendall. Almost as if they have this quiet relieve and peace amongst them for the first time since living together for the past four years. I SEE the difference in their faces too. I was in utter shock to see them actually sitting closer together for the first time in fours years. I was able to get photos. This has NEVER happened before either as Perla always left whenever or froze in fear when Wendall approached a room. There have been SIXTEEN nights now of absolute PEACE in the house. This is truly a miracle and has never, ever happened before. Mostly there would be maybe two nights between episodes so to make it to 16 nights of peace and quiet is a dream come true for us and for them, I am sure. We have a VERY happy kitty home right now and I have Ellen to thank for that. Ellen has helped me in the past so this is not my first incredible and astonishing experience with her but surely this one was extremely important and needed to obtain joy and happiness of the everyone in the house. I am grateful for this peace and pray (will stay positive) that it will continue. I have even more confidence as well and more patience with the situation. This experience is helping not only my two kitties but me as well. Thank you, ELLEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gratefully, Lauren and Larry W.

It's difficult to convey in words the amount of peace, comfort and healing that Ellen provided us following the tragic loss of our 4 year old Australian Shepard, Ruby. Ruby was taken so abruptly, following an ingestion of a toxin that resulted in irreversible kidney failure and there was little time to say our good byes to her that her death left our family reeling in grief and despair. A reading with Ellen was a gift from my sister; she felt it may provide some answers to our many questions. Ellen graciously "chatted" with Ruby after seeing a few pictures of her, what Ellen then shared with us from the images and messages that she received was no less than remarkable, Ellen shared information with us that only our family would know, she conveyed loving messages to each of us individually as well as to our family as a whole including our remaining Aussie, Hoss. Ruby's vibrancy was captured in the connection that she and Ellen made. Thanks to Ellen, we did receive specific information from Ruby that has aided in our understanding and healing process. It's wonderful to know that there's an opportunity for those of us whose lives are touched by the animals entrusted in our care to have Ellen as our spiritual conduit. During such a dark time for us, Ellen has been the light that connects us to our departed friend and soul dog.

Janie Voderberg
Bend OR

"My first contact with Ellen was in May 2009 when my mother's cat Puccini was lost in Spain. Ellen was able to communicate with Puccini, and found that he had died because he was trapped. She was able to convey who Puccini was with in heaven. Ellen said he is with a white little fluffy dog and a dark gray cat. I had goose bumps. My mother and my sister lived together in Spain. My sister lost a white little fluffy dog a couple of years ago and my mother lost a dark gray cat just a year ago. I then knew for sure that Ellen HAD contacted Puccini and that her work was real.

Our second experience with Ellen was when our dog Dina died. We were grief stricken, and Ellen reassured us that she could help us contact Dina in spirit, which she did. After that, Ellen was able to track Dina's thoughts about reincarnation, where she was located, what she looked like and how we could find her. Then Dina conveyed to Ellen pertinent information about her life with us that only we would know. Through these communications we were able to adopt Dina's reincarnation, now Annie. Annie is totally Dina in every way.

Our third experience with Ellen was after our little dog Gizmo died. Several months later, Gizmo appeared to Ellen jumping up and down. Ellen phoned me to say that she thought Giz was back, that he had reincarnated and was trying to contact us. Through the same series of communications with him, Ellen was able to find him in a puppy named Charlie. Charlie also blended into our household as if he had never left, even climbing the ramp into the back of our SUV the day we adopted him as if he had done it all his life!"

It is so comforting to know that Ellen is there to help communicate with our babies. Don't know what we would do without her!

Thank you Ellen for lending your precious gift to us.
Christine and Marc

I’ve worked with several animal communicators over the years, and Ellen is tops. I asked her to share some time with my cat Domino, because I simply wanted to check-in with him. Ellen tuned in and discovered that he occasionally gets melancholy - he’s normally very upbeat and social and yet I had noticed that sometimes he seemed ‘down’. She also noted that he makes my other cats laugh - I knew he ‘charmed’ them, I just didn’t know how! Domino described to Ellen how I lay out my cat dishes during feeding time, and since Domino spends time on my shoulders when I’m getting their food ready, he knows the routine!

I also wanted to know why my cat Pastel didn’t seem to want much attention from me (which was different from her younger years). I wanted to make sure that Pastel knows that if she wants attention all she has to do is ask. Ellen communicated my message, and Pastel has been asking for my attention more frequently ever since. I now feel more connected to Pastel and am very happy that we spend more quality time together.

Ellen, thank you SO much. I cannot believe the turnaround Wilbur has made. It is truly a blessing and quite amazing to us. He has his full appetite again and is even eating out of a bowl again. He seems to have more good days than bad now. Just incredible and I am enjoying each and every minute/hour/day that I have with him. I will absolutely keep you updated on how he is doing. So far so good. Thank you for your wonderful gift to Wilbur and myself.

Kody, part shepherd, part wolf and all wonderful, is a soul mate who left his physical body this past April. He drew much attention when out in public because of his size, astonishing good looks and calm and peaceful demeanor, His eyes did not look at you…they looked through you. Although he was always well mannered with all creatures and humans he did not give his love away. The depth of his love was reserved for me, my husband and our wise and knowing friend Ellen, an extraordinary animal communicator and healer.

When Kody was diagnosed with rectal cancer I embarked on a path that called for strength, courage and wisdom. It was Ellen who navigated and assisted me and Kody on this incredible spiritual journey. The expression "she was really there for me" pales to the words I seek and do not have, that could amply describe the comfort, love and guidance she gave before during and after his transition. I am forever grateful for Ellen's gifts, talents and heart, and I know that Kody is too.

I was skeptical about the concept of animal communication, but determined to do anything possible to understand and help my foster, Evie, a sweet cat who was rescued off the streets and hasn't known much love in her life. In less than a minute of speaking with Ellen about her chat with Evie, I realized this is for real. Her insights into Evie's thoughts, feelings and past experiences were right on target, as were her impressions of my own cats. As a result, I have a much better understanding of where Evie's coming from and what I need to do to help her. - Eileen in Ohio

"Ellen is an incredible animal communicator and healer! She was able to connect with my cat, intuit and articulate things only I would know! The messages I received from my pet through Ellen described exactly what issues we were experiencing. In addition to that, Ellen prescribed solutions that worked for the both of us. I highly recommend Ellen's work. She is truly, truly gifted!" - Sabrina

China’s Final Journey

One evening I received a phone call that took my breath away, but also left me with an opportunity that I could only seize. My husband and I had just lost our beloved boxer 6 weeks prior and were still deep in the midst of grieving and disbelief. She was our first dog and our world was rocked.

The phone call was from Ellen and as I listened to her words I learned that our world was about to be further shaken. Ellen told me that our other boxer, China, was dying.

Ellen said that the phone call was the most difficult that she had ever made, but that she felt obligated as a friend to let us know so that we could prepare. And, despite the shock that it caused I am forever grateful because we were given the opportunity to have a long last goodbye.

China had communicated to Ellen that she was preparing to pass on and that she felt that this would happen in a two week time frame. During these precious weeks Ellen checked in with China every day and let me know how she was feeling, her thoughts, and wishes. My husband and I didn’t take a moment for granted we went for lots of rides, had ice cream socials in bed, and told her every moment how much we loved her.

Our boxer China passed away two and half weeks later in our arms. Tears still flow as I write about the experience, but yet there is some peace in knowing that her last weeks were happy and full of love. We would not have had this opportunity without Ellen and her communication talents and for this we are forever grateful.

“Ellen is the first animal communicator I have worked with. She is warm, caring and sets real expectations. She really helped my dog Cutler and me when he unexpectedly had to leave this world. Although sad and heavy hearted I was lucky to have found Ellen. She conveyed a great message to me and my family. Ellen also gave me valuable advice on what to do to bring peace and closure due to our loss. My family and I thank Ellen for her help and highly recommend her service to those seeking answers. Knowing that she cares was comforting to me. I want to thank her for all of her loving, gentle kindness. She is a gift to the pet world.”
- Terrina Deay-Reusch

Dr. Lisa Lancaster, DVM

"Ellen talked to my beloved old horse when he was having a hard time from cancer pain. He was very thin and weak. I thought he may need to be euthanized because his tumor was growing rapidly and causing discomfort. After Ellen talked to him, his attitude improved and he gained 50 lbs in a week! He became strong enough to undergo surgery on the tumor which gave him more time to enjoy life. I am so grateful to Ellen for all that she does for animals and their human companions. As a veterinarian i was trained to be skeptical of animal communicators but i have seen evidence that what Ellen does is real. Animals and people need help communicating and Ellen offers exactly that." - Lisa Lancaster, DVM

Multi Cat Household

Multi-Cat Household

"I have 5 cats from 2 litters that were born in my backyard a little over a year ago. Our efforts to give them a comfortable living space included setting up a kitty condo, shelters, and comfy chairs in the backyard and letting them in the basement and house occasionally. This resulted in many competitive squabbles among the cats that led to some behavioral issues we felt we had to deal with in order to have a more peaceable kingdom. Ellen “spoke” with all 5 cats and to my indoor dog and cat to help resolve these issues. The evening after her session we could tell something was very different. The bully of the group and his often picked on perpetual victim came in the house and sat comfortably for the whole evening within 1-2 feet of each other. The usually intimidated one rolled on the floor and played while her nemesis sat very peacefully nearby blinking at us contentedly throughout the evening. We were stunned! Nothing like this had ever happened before! In fact, all the cats were much mellower and better behaved.

The following morning, as I sat on the basement stairway landing with my coffee, all the cats came up to sit with me, including the two in the group that were still afraid to be pet. Those two came up and sat within inches of me. They are now much more comfortable being closer to us, and we are able to begin touching them more. In fact, I think they now consider themselves to be a part of the family, judging by the way they come in the house and right into the living room when we let them! Thanks to Ellen’s work, all the cats are now much more comfortably and peacefully integrated into our family home. This would never have been possible with their previous behavioral problems. The big bully has since turned into a big sweetie and has really changed his old ways. The others are also more loving and more connected to us. My little dog, thankfully a cat lover, even feels comfortable giving them kisses! Thank you on behalf of all my animals and our more peaceful, playful home. "- Amy in Denver, CO

“Ellen is tender to the bone. Her heightened sense of empathy, wisdom and intuition combined with her experience and skills, is transformative.

My beloved cat Fresser, born with an enlarged heart, was expected to live only one day to six months after going into heart failure. I believe Ellen’s healing touch and owner education was largely responsible for Fressers extended life (17 months) in which he appeared happier and healthier than ever before until he died in my arms.” – Robbie

Testimonial“Several years ago my 3 yr old Australian Shepherd "Relay" tore her ACL while herding. Because of her high drive personality, I elected to do the TPLO reconstructive surgery on her. The surgery involves completely cutting through the bone, then repositioning it at a better angle and finally screwing the bone in place to heal with a 3-4 inch plate. Ellen did energy work on Relay 2 days after surgery. Relay is rather aloof around people, but laid down and let Ellen work her magic. Three months later, the vet confirmed that the bone had healed. I took Relay to the National Agility Trials where she won or placed very high in every class she was entered in. I attribute Relay's rapid recovery to the energy work that Ellen did on her. Every time that Ellen would come over to my house Relay would just lay down in front of her until Ellen started working on her; she would then just close her eyes and fall asleep while Ellen did her work.” – Claudia

“A woman at work had recommended Ellen to me after her having her animals read and said it was extremely helpful and beneficial to her. I am a very skeptical person and thought I would give it a shot for laughs. Well the joke was on me. Ellen was so precise with my animal’s personalities and quirks. With having 3 very different cats it was amazing how on target she was. She even was able to pick up on the relationships they hold between them. From her reading I was able to see more into their world to understand where they were coming from. Ellen is extremely talented and knows what she’s doing.” – Sarah W., New York

TestimonialMy horse, Toby is a rescue horse that has had considerable trauma in his lifetime. In 2005, I had to euthanize my filly and Toby grieved heavily. Ellen came out and did a trauma release on him as well as chakra balancing. As he is extremely sensitive and emotional, his response was immediate with big releases and he eventually dozed. Interestingly, while Ellen was working Toby, I was standing close by and the trauma release and balancing worked on me as well. Not only did I completely relax for the first time in months, I was able to put my own grief in perspective.

Since that time, Toby was prone to having “anxiety attacks”. He would pace the fence, tremble and sweat heavily. At one point, he quit eating. Sedation and hand walking were the only ways to help him out of this state. Ellen has been working on Toby for three years now and he has responded well to her energy work. Ellen is one of the few people he will completely relax for and he has had only two mild attacks in the last two years. He is almost twenty years old now and acts like a ten year old. I truly believe that without Ellen’s skill in communication and Healing Touch, I would have lost him.” – Kim in Colorado

“I cannot believe the "Chat" with Happy was so right on the mark! The fact that Happy told you about the new dog door, her broken dish, rotating food, loving chicken soup and our new bed is amazing. Of all the things that stick out in her mind, I sensed her feelings about Shaye and I, of course, wish they had better bonds, but they are so very different. Shaye is my "familiar" and Happy is the family baby. I know she hates being closed in and being left alone - I am mindful of those fears. Thank you so much.” – Jill, Happy and Shaye
Testimonial“I recently took in an injured foster pup named Jax. He was abandoned so we don't know much about him. When Ellen communicated with him, he told her how he got hurt and about his first home, all of which we have no way of knowing. One of the things that he told Ellen was that he gets the hiccups all the time. IT IS TRUE that he gets them all the time. There is no way Ellen could have known this as she has only seen pictures of him and has not met him.” – Claudia

When Ellen and I spoke, I was very impressed with her knowledge of several things specific to our dog.  She picked up on the money-related drama associated with our purchase of the dog from another family, and also commented on the genetic defect in our dog's eye (which was not visible in the picture I submitted).  Ellen was able to give us some very specific advice on how to deal with our dog's hostility at the dog park based on the "conversation".  She even confirmed that he knows we think its funny when he does laps around our coffee table!  All in all, this was a great experience that has made us feel an even tighter bond with our beloved pup.” – Kathryn from California
“After the sudden death of her mother and loss of her grandmother, my Portuguese Water Dog Kita changed radically from her vibrant, energetic, active self into a morose, depressed dog. Several months later new puppy Toti arrived and Kita totally ignored all overtures the baby made. My vet checked her bloodwork and it was normal. When I shared my concerns with Ellen, she offered her knowledge and skill to help my grieving Kita. Ellen's energy work helped with chakra balance and trauma release, which benefitted Kita (and me) in reestablishing her happy, playful self. Ellen also made a special Bach Flower remedy to aid in developing healthy boundaries and interactions with Toti. Joy, tolerance and balance were restored in Kita's life and set her" "right with the world." We are a happy little family.” – Joyce, Timbermist Portuguese Water Dogs.
"Ellen, thank you so much for all of your support his past year. Your talent combined with your compassion is unbelievable. I have never met such kindness and am so appreciative." - Shelly
"A couple of months before my toy poodle Charlie died, I realized that years of poor health had taken their toll and that I could no longer fix him. I was determined to keep him comfortable and happy until the inevitable came to pass. Charlie was a stoic and dignified little dog so I wasn't always sure how he was doing. When I needed guidance, I turned to Ellen for help. Through her communications with Charlie, I found out what the root cause of his decline was and what I could do to make him comfortable. Charlie was visibly reassured that his needs were being heard: after he told Ellen he wanted chicken, he looked amazed that he got it! Ellen also opened up an understanding between Charlie and me that he was dying. When it came time for us to say goodbye, he looked to me to help him and was at peace with the process. Ellen gave Charlie a voice that was not clouded by my emotions. This took away the doubt, deepened the bond between us, and helped us both make the most of our last months together." - Liz.

'Thanks again for all you've done. It means the world to me (and the entire family) that Skitty healed and will stay with the family. I'm grateful every day we don't have to re-home her!!

Ellen is an amazing healer and gifted animal communicator! Our cat, Skitty, had stopped using the litter box and the problem seemed to be escalating. Over the course of a year we added multiple litter boxes throughout the home, recarpeted the entire house, closed off rooms, tried homeopathic 'de-stress' collars, changed her diet ... and well, just about everything else we could think of ... with no results. We were at our wits end and considering finding a new home for Skitty but the thought of giving her away was tearing us apart - especially the children. During this time we worked with another animal communicator who spoke with Skitty and the other animals on two occasions. Both times Skitty said she was not willing to change, wanted to be the 'princess', and simply could not stop peeing in the house. That's when I met Ellen through a human reading. Although my personal reading was enlightening and powerful, it's what Ellen did for Skitty that was nothing short of a miracle! Through a combination of multiple energy treatments, water treatments, animal communication, and some tough talk, Ellen finally got through to Skitty. It was not easy ... and took over a month, but Ellen never gave up! Skitty is like a new cat now. She is visably calmer, more patient, and more loving to humans and animals. Even her fur is looking better. And best of all - NO ACCIDENTS! Even when we were out of town for several days for the holidays (usually a trigger for major messes throughout the house) Skitty stayed on track! My husband is a veterinarian and animal behaviorist ... and now even he is a believer in the power of Ellen's work! - Angela

TestimonialI met Ellen many years ago while hiking with our 6 rescue dogs. Our oldest rescued male, Marco, strayed away from us. This was extremely unlike him as he never walked on leash and always stayed in front of the pack watching over us, worrying constantly about being separated. About 15 minutes after his departure from our pack, Ellen called me on my cell phone and said she had Marco, and was on her way home. I met her soon after the call, and noticed Marco was very content, as if he had just found Ellen. Many years passed since that day, Marco having suffered with Cushing's disease and senility. I asked Ellen for help to communicate with Marco. She came to our home and performed a crystal treatment on Marco, then communicated with him. His thoughts were completely true in every way, including the things he loved to eat. Marco said he was much older than any of us thought he was and he had about 3 months left. 3 months after Ellen's visit my husband and I thought that it was about time for Marco, but WE were not ready. I spoke with Ellen on the phone for what seemed a life-time trying to get answers. Ellen told me to have a talk with Marco and let him know it would be OK if he left his physical body. I had a talk with him right before I left town for work. A couple days later my husband frantically called me and said Marco had been missing for several hours. He had let him outside and could not find him anywhere. Marco never left the house, was always running back inside, and had not strayed away since the hike many years ago. Friends and neighbors were looking, but no sign of him. I flew back in town the following morning on the first flight I could get. I called Ellen for help. Ellen directed me to him. About an hour after I started searching, Ellen called my cell phone and at that moment I found my Marco. Ellen stayed on the phone with me until I had him in my arms. I will forever be grateful to Ellen for the compassion and comfort she has given me throughout Marco's journey. Ellen is for real; she is very gifted and a true friend. - Shelley

"The information you channelled through was so accurate and helpful that we are speechless. Despite being in another country, we were shocked at the detail you were able to communicate from just sending a photo of our loved one. It was interesting to note that he acted a bit more sensitive the day that you had your conversation with him. It has been so thrilling to extract answers for questions that we have had for so long! Thank you so much Ellen, it has been sincerely appreciated!" - Nithan, Australia
"In the Summer of 2010, my 15 year old FIV+ cat Moses rapidly lost weight and declined overall. The vet ran several tests but the results were inconclusive. I tried many alternative remedies, but either I was too late, or he was too weak to restore to health. He had been abused before I rescued him, and this coupled with the FIV+ had caused him to have life long health problems. Friends who have a number of rescue cats, Sharon and Amy, recommended Ellen to me as someone who could communicate with Moses and help me honor his needs and wishes. Through her he strongly expressed the desire to die at home, without medical intervention. I respected this, but checked in with Ellen over the last few days of his life, to make sure he was as comfortable as possible. Of course, this was all very hard on me, and being able to talk to my pet through Ellen brought some comfort to me as well as to Moses.

Once he had left his body, I knew that he was ok but I was very sad. Ellen was still able to talk to him, and he let me know that he was so relieved to be out of his old, weak body, and that he would still be in touch with me. Through her he asked if he could return and be my cat again. He told Ellen that he wanted to be "healthy, healthy!" his next go around. I was thrilled at the idea of seeing him again, and both of us being free of his health problems. Ellen and I spoke several times, and he let her know what type of kitten I should look for. He indicated that he would be male, again.

In the meantime, I kept a pure bred cat Naytiri "temporarily", for a friend who is a breeder and became attached to her. The breeder and I agreed that she would have one litter of kittens and I would pay him for her with that litter, and then I could spay her and she would just be my pet. At different times Ellen communicated with both Naytiri and Moses to see if this suited them. It did, in fact, both indicated that his return would happen after she'd had her kittens. She had four healthy babies, and they returned to her breeder who placed them in good homes.

When we had last checked in with Ellen, Moses had indicated that he would return and be found in the neighborhood where Sharon and Amy live. I let Sharon and Amy know this, and that we were looking for a male kitten. Their neighborhood is home to several people who feed the colonies of outdoor strays, and because of this people abandon pets there, knowing there is a good chance they will be fed and cared for.

One evening, Amy was in the back yard when a beautiful black cat came strolling up to her, and it sat at her feet and talked to her. This was unusual for several reasons. She had a number of cats in the back yard and none of them objected to the newcomer. The stray cats tend to be skittish at first, but this cat was very affectionate and comfortable. This happened for three evenings in a row. Because the new cat was so sweet Amy thought it was a female. She and Sharon took it to a vet to see if it had a microchip, hoping to return "her" to her owner. The vet found no chip and told them that the cat is male, and about 9 months old. They thought of me, and called and asked if they could bring him by. It was short notice, but they brought him over. I had expected to have to work harder to find Moses, and I wasn't sure this was him. We sent Ellen a photo of him, and asked her to see if this was Moses. Ellen was on vacation, and it took her some time to get a straight answer from him about whether he had returned as this mellow, long haired black cat.

In the meantime, he was very calm and affectionate. He and Naytiri hissed and growled some the first night, but they weren't seriously being aggressive. Still, he spend most of the first night in the bathroom. At 4 a.m. he'd had enough, and yowled and hurled himself against the door, so I let him out. I have a studio, so I couldn't put them in separate rooms. They continued their mild spatting. I left for several hours and when I returned, miraculously they were best buddies! I did not expect them to accept each other so quickly! Since then, they play, wrestle, groom each other and sleep together. Even though I was waiting for Moses to return, it took me a while to accept that he was really back. This was in part because his return was so sudden and so easy! He has taken to sleeping in his old spot. He chases his tail, and sometimes somersaults trying to catch it, only the second cat I've known to do this (Moses is the first). When he wants something (usually food) he tried being super affectionate or acting like a helpless baby or getting angry to try and manipulate me. Just like Moses used to do. He also attacks the edge of the bath mat, just like his predecessor.

I now know this is my cat returned (Amy said, "I couldn't believe you couldn't tell this was Moses"). And he has what he wanted, a healthy, healthy body.

Those of us who choose to have pets know that we are going to go through the heartbreak of losing them, as their lives are much shorter than ours. Having someone like Ellen to assist with this process and to communicate with a pet who has passed on helps tremendously with easing the loss. Having her assistance to aid in honoring Moses' desire to be my cat again was invaluable. I am grateful that my friends put me in touch with her. I know my cats are grateful for her gifts also." – Kirsten

"Thank you for helping me find Magic. He will always have a special place in his heart for you and so will I." – Donna

Ellen has a very special gift and I'm not sure how we'd have coped over the past few months without her help. Our blind, 90 lb Samoyed Willie became unable to walk due to spondylosis in October 2012. Even though he was immobile and incontinent, it was very clear at the time that he was not ready to leave us. He was not in pain and he was quite cheerful in his new role as a noisy living room rug! We watched him carefully as he slowly faded over the following seven months. Willie continued to eat enthusiastically; he was always a very self confident dog, and he was not the least bit shy about bossily barking orders until we provided whatever he needed. Some days we felt he was barely present; on other days it seemed he was going to live forever and that he was never going to stop barking! We are so grateful to Ellen, who checked in with Willie nearly every day. She performed energy work on him when he "asked" for it; sometime he was fussing and we couldn't seem to get him settled, but Ellen's sessions always calmed him down and kept him comfortable. She also communicated with him about how he was feeling as he approached the end of his life. As Willie became weaker, we sometimes worried that we might be missing signals from him that he was ready to go. Ellen was able to confirm that no, he was not ready yet; or, later, that he was preparing to leave but still had some work to finish. Eventually, when his breathing became very labored due to lung congestion, we saw that the light was gone from Willie's eyes; he told Ellen that he was done with his tired old body, and that he would like some help. We were lucky to find a kind, gentle vet who specializes in in-home euthanasia, and Willie died peacefully in his own bed on May 14th, 2013. It was an honor to share Willie's journey with him, and Ellen's guidance was a godsend. Ellen was warm, loving and kind throughout these months, and, most importantly, she was completely honest about what Willie was telling her, even if it wasn't what we wanted to hear. It's so hard to make a decision to take a life, but we were comforted by the knowledge that it was the right time for Willie. Ellen told us that on the morning he died, she was out running errands, and she heard from a very excited Willie who told her "I'm going to heaven in a boat". What a wonderful image of Willie on a happy voyage to his next adventure!
Julia in Chicago

"You rock Ellen. This dog would not be found without you....I am 100% convinced of it.. Tip and I credit you with giving Gordy the courage to show himself and trust those boys enough to be caught. You and I both know if a dog doesn't want to be caught it is not going to happen. I know that your communicating with him helped him to at least show himself and take a chance. You are amazing. Truly gifted!"

I can't tell you how much you have helped us, and what a difference you made for us. Maddy's passing won't be my undoing! The lessons she came here to teach me will not be in vain. My heart is very centered when it comes to Maddy. And, that is directly related to the work you have done for us. You are a blessing to the Universe, Ellen! Brenda in Wisconsin

Within the last year I have lost one animal and gained two. Some of my animals suffer from medical problems, and three of them have experienced a drastic relocation in the last 6 months. It was important for me to know how they were doing health-wise and how they were feeling generally with all of the changes. Ellen was wonderful, responsive, and seemed to connect well with my two dogs and two horses. She completely nailed their distinct and nuanced personalities (from the happy-go-lucky-mutt to the I-need-to-do-things-in-my-own-time Fjord). Although I had not asked her about it, she addressed a (physically obvious) old injury on one of my horse’s legs. Ellen took the time that each animal required to be heard, which, as it happened, took two sessions. In addition to great information and insights, she also gave me some fantastic recommendations for dealing with some anxiety and health issues for a couple of my boys.

I look forward to engaging Ellen again in the future. Her connection with my animals has given me the tools to communicate better and have better relationships with my animals. I can already tell a difference!

Thanks, Ellen!-- H.E.

Hi Ellen. Just want to say thank you. You did an awesome job. My daughter was really pleased with what you said about Daisey and Bella. It was amazing how you picked up the instant bond Bella made with Sharla and her girls. It was like there was no transition at all for Bella. It was just meant to be. I am glad tesla is doing well. I thought she was but I didn't want to miss anything.

Thanks again for everything.

Rene the lost cat

Zack: We found Rene and his siblings in a cinder block located in Marley's late uncle's garden. The house had been vacant for several months, but Marley's dad had been taking care of it and saw the kittens there. They were obviously in bad shape, covered in fleas and malnourished. Their eyes had crusted over and the mother was nowhere to be seen. Marley's dad said that we could take them under the condition that one of them be named for his brother, Rene. We decided to keep them all.

Nine months later, Rene decided to slip out of an open window during a game night. This is pretty uncharacteristic because he is typically terrified of the outdoors and not very adventurous. He usually keeps a low profile while we have guests, so we didn't notice anything was amiss until the next morning. When I got up for my morning coffee, a ritual that our little man usually spends with me, he was nowhere to be seen. I woke Marley up and we began the search.

We did some forensic work and discovered that he was certainly outside of the house, because we could see evidence of his little paws on our front porch. After searching for nearly a day and half, trying almost every trick in the book, including working with a pet "bounty hunter" (setting a live trap near his port of escape), we were beginning to worry that we wouldn't be seeing our young dude again.

Marley: That next morning, I was so devastated. I truly thought that I was never going to hold my boy again, he's always been so special to me--he's such a momma's boy. I had pretty much lost hope, but with the last bit of wild desperation, I thought of a time when my mom and I were fostering cats and we had an animal communicator come and try and figure out why our one cat was behaving so strangely. I have to say that I didn't quite know what I believed in at this time, but I would do anything to get him back. I found Ellen through a search of Animal Communicators in New Mexico, when I read her bio I saw that she was from the same small ton in Illinois that my mom was from and I felt an instant draw to her. I emailed her asking if she thought she could help me and she gave me a call within the hour. She asked me his name, a little about him, and my address and then said to email her a photo of him and that she would email me with any transmissions she received from him.

A couple hours later I received an email saying that she has received two images from him, one of a pile of wood and the other of construction. She explained to me that he felt scared and he was afraid because of a loud noise that he didn't want to happen again (the fire alarm had gone off around the time we suspect he got out, hence the open windows). She told him not to be afraid and to show himself. That there would be lots of cuddles and treats when he came home. And most importantly that we were not mad at him. Ellen asked me if there was someone who could go to the house and look for him no as she has asked him to show himself and come out of hiding. I called Zack and asked him if he could go to the house and look for him.

Zack: When Marley called, I immediately took off from work and drove home. The email was very specific and I knew that there was a pile of wood stacked near our neighbor's house, so I thought it was worth a shot. When I got back to the house, I noticed some road construction on the street adjacent to our street, which encouraged me to believe that he might be around, since that's what Ellen had told us. I went to the woodpile and started digging through it. There was nothing there. My heart sank and I turned to walk toward the roadwork. Then I saw a pair of yellow eyes peering at me from behind a wooden fence and there he sat, looking at me from a spot where we'd looked dozens of times. I walked towards him slowly so I wouldn't startle him, but he retreated back into his hiding spot. After a couple of minutes, I managed to talk him into coming out to me. When I got him inside he was so happy to be home. I gave him a big helping of wet food and he ate it up.

We are so thankful to Ellen for helping us get in touch with our sassy little dude.

Marley: It's still so unreal to me that he's back and that Ellen knew exactly how to find him. I know it's never a guarantee, but if anything like this ever happens again I know exactly whom I am calling. My little boy is back and I am in full belief that Ellen is the reason he is home with us now--being the little prince he's meant to be.

M. Prudeaux

Communication with our Dog Daisy in Spirit

Ellen brought me great comfort when my precious little poodle, Daisy Mae, passed away at 15 years. First if all, Daisy chose to transition at Ellen’s house. I carried her there knowing she was going to transition that day. There was a baby shower at Ellen’s home, so I carried Daisy in my arms. She was weak, and I knew if I left her at home she might leave while I was gone. She took her last breath in my arms, and her spirit left her body in a most peaceful way during the party.

Several days later, Ellen came over to my house to connect to her spirit and bring me Daisy’s messages from the other side. I was still so sad but hopeful that Ellen would be able to communicate with Daisy.

First if all, I was blown away by the things Daisy told Ellen that only Daisy and I knew. For example, when Daisy was a puppy, she had a pink rhinestone collar. She told Ellen she loved it. There’s no way Ellen could have known that. Ellen also said,” I see a duck in her life. We had gotten her a stuffed duck for Christmas the previous year and it turned into her favorite toy. Most importantly, Ellen was able to relate how much love there was between us.

Ellen saw a Doberman, who had been Daisy’s companion for many years.

She also another dog, a little chocolate Chihuahua. Both of these dogs are also in spirit, but Ellen was able to see them during Daisy’s youth many years prior to meeting Ellen. I felt like I could communicate with Daisy, and that I handled things correctly during and her transition.

Finally, Daisy showed Ellen a picture of a white poodle. Perhaps this will be Daisy in her next incarnation. I know Ellen will be able to help me find Daisy again when she comes back to us. I have tremendous peace know Daisy thoughts and feelings can still come through to me even though she is no longer here in the physical world.

Flower Essence Healing Testimonial

I first heard about using flower essences for animals listening to a video by a Holistic Vet in Spain. She had used them to great effect for both cats and dogs in her practice so I immediately thought they might work for one of our dogs, a poodle named Chester.

We adopted Chester when he was perhaps two or three years old. He had been abandoned by his previous owners, so even with the passage of several years, he could not tolerate being alone. Also, being very attached to my wife Irene, he would whine and bark incessantly whenever she would leave the house even if I was still at home.

My entire day was always punctuated by constantly having to deal with Chester's incessant barking and whining, even if Irene would just step outside for a few minutes. To say the least this was a major test of my patience! So, after seeing the video I began searching for someone that could prepare an essence that would help Chester. I live in Costa Rica and nobody works with essences locally so did a search online for help in the US as easier to ship than from Europe.

I found Ellen’s website and wrote asking if she could help. She was very confident that the essences would work for him and it was no issue making up a formula at a distance. I have experienced distance healing in the past so I knew this to be true.

But after having lived with Chester’s behavior for so long, I was not 100% confident that the essences would work. I was hopeful of course but prepared for the worse. How wrong I was! In less than a week we began to see a marked change in his behavior. Most noticeably the day would go by and rather than having to deal with Chester 20 times, it was only once or twice at the most.

The biggest test came when Irene and I had to go shopping, leaving him alone in the house for a few hours. My mother in law lives next door so normally she picks him up and take him home. What a shock it was when, as we began to drive away, not a bark was heard!

We have only used about ¼ of the bottle of essence, and am amazed at how quickly it had an effect. The final comment I want to make, is that it’s not only his behavior and increased calmness that is apparent. In addition, there has been a subtle transformation in his ENERGY. People who know Chester remark that he’s a different dog than what he was a few weeks ago!

In conclusion, whatever doubts I had about the efficacy of flower essences as a powerful and effective healing modality for animals were completely dispelled after working with the mix prepared by Ellen. Highly recommended!!

P. Sellmer June 25th, 2017