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Dr. Gerald Wessner: Dr. Wessner has developed homeopathic protocols for EPM/Herpes, Lymes Disease, Rattlesnake bites, Pigeon fever, Strangles, Heartworm disease, Cushings Disease, Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism. These are some of the diseases that have been cured through the use of homeopathics and all these diseases can be prevented by using the appropriate nosode (homeopathic vaccination) which can be ordered from the Holistic Vet Clinic. Homeopathics can also cure problems caused by or influenced by vaccinations such as ulcers, irritable bowel disorder, itchy skin problems in horses and dogs, low immune systems and recurring urinary tract infections. By the use of telephone consultations, Dr. Wessner evaluates the vaccination schedule, feeding programs, supplements, wormers (both intestinal and heartworm), medications and drinking water so that the best methods are used so the animals may enjoy the best health possible. Homeopathics and herbs are prescribed to cure, detox or help the healing process. I can personally recommend Dr. Wessner from my own experiences.

To arrange a phone consultation or an appointment if in the Florida area, call The Holistic Vet Clinic at 352-245-2025 or visit him on the web at: www.holisticvetclinic.net.


Dr. Adam Blanning, M.D.: Dr. Blanning specializes in homeopathic family medicine. He is available for phone consultations and can prescribe homeopathic preparations that are tailored to individual needs. Please visit his website for more information: www.dcatherapies.org.

Healing Crystals : Promoting the education and use of crystals to support healing: www.healingcrystals.com.

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Dogs Naturally Magazine:
A wonderful, brand new online publication. It offers an honest, open approach to canine wellness and health. Dogs....Naturally features articles on vaccination, training, raw feeding and other holistic subjects. Its authors are well known veterinarians and medical experts exposing the risks of over vaccinating and other health issues to our dogs. Be ready to learn!

Want to sign up right now? Click the link below for the magazine and you will automatically be transferred to their website. And Enlightened Animals will receive a commission from your subscription!! Ellen will take a percentage of each subscription and donate to The Kohn Foundation/Bahamian Animal Committee to help the animals on Grand Bahama Island.
Click here to visit Dogs...Naturally.

Washington Homeopathic Products
33 Fairfax Street
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
WHP offers a wide variety of remedies and dilutions. The remedies come in different drams and sizes, so it is easy to order. All of the preparations are over-the-counter.

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